High precision gears leading manufacturer, Precise grade DIN 5

Shenzhen Besta Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd, founded in 2006, which is engaged in the production, sales, maintenance of one-stop services, is a domestic large-scale gear professional production enterprises, mainly the production of various kinds of module gear.It is one of  a distinct advantage in the production of high precision gear in Shenzhen gear machinery industry influential manufacturers with a good reputation.

Feature products:

All kinds of OEM gear, ground gear, small &large module gear, spur gear, helical gear, miter gear,worm gear and worm, spiral bevel gear, rack and pinion, timing pulley and sprocket etc, module from 0.5 to 24, we make veriety of gear

Industry focus:

widely used in automobiles, electronics, textiles, printing, electrical manufacturing, corrugated packaging machinery, electric cars, motorcycles, medical equipment, fitness equipment, lawn mower, pneumatic tools, financial equipment,paper, toys, locks, household appliances, industrial sewing, fishing gear, wind power, tobacco, food, instrument, chemical industry, etc.

Company's major equipment:

the company with strong technical strength, effective with high precision production equipment: CNC lathes (diameter 1 m * 3 m), Swiss, REISHAUER RZ820 Grinder,(Diameter 1 m * 0.6 * 10 mode), abrasive maching, CNC gear hobber, gear shaper, gear chamfering machine, gear lapper, ID grinder, OD grinder, wire cutting, CNC milling machine, sawing machine, surface grinding machine and all kinds of gear processing ability; Have quenched and tempered high frequency,quenching, carburizing, electroplating, oxidation and other surface treatment ability; Configuration universal gear tester and projector, carbonitriding layer needle detector, hardness measuring equipment, coating thickness gauge, etc. With annual output of 3 million pieces and 2 million pieces of small module gear, large and medium-sized module gear, worm gear and worm of production capacity.

"Superb technology, high quality, honest service" are the power of development and the eternal goal of pursuit for Shenzhen Besta Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd. We sincerely expect to cooperate with you and create a prosperity future.

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