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Precision Gear reliability design

Posted In Industry news Posted On Jan 19, 2016
As China's market economy gradually improving, China Precision Gear industry has achieved great development, the product category is complete, widely used in aviation vessels, weapons and equipment, automobile and farm machinery, machine tools, engineering machinery, lifting transportation, rail transportation, concrete structures, mine, metallurgy, electric power, petrochemical and instrumentation, such as more than 20 areas.Formed a complete industrial system independently, industry backbone enterprises preliminary with the new product development capabilities, has made important contributions to the development of the equipment manufacturing industry, is an indispensable part of modern industry.Under the market competition mechanism, the problems of China Precision Gear market is increasingly exposed.

China Precision Gear in the spur gear transmission, the biggest danger area is where the gear mesh,and the gap between the spokes.In order to avoid the risk of what is happening in the China Precision Gear  transmission, there must be a protective equipment, or, better, as far as possible put it into the frame.Protective equipment in China Precision Gear transmission, should not only within the limit of the mesh cover part.Two gear must be integral whole to be protective, and is not limited to the circumferential surface protective gear teeth, must protect the side together.To this end, the shield ring gear can be appropriately extended, or do a block on the edge of the gear with a smooth circular plate.Protective device of bevel gear and other gear, with the provisions of the spur gear transmission used the same  but should be suitable for changing the shape of the protective equipment itself. Friction drive, in the disc stress below the contact point is also a dangerous position.Because of the friction surface is smooth, as long as to protection of their contact area,fixed accessories such as iron protection available.Iron cross section shape should make it suitable for the shape of the contact area, and make it stab and contact the distance is not more than 10 mm.Belt drive, the dangerous parts is the belt into the gap between the parts of each pulley wheel pulley and the belt itself, especially in the joint of belt, because of its uneven, risk is more serious.About the belt into the pulley parts and dangerous part of the gap between all the spokes, prevent dangerous method, had better use special protection method.