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The rapid development of Gear processing technology for Hard Teeth Face

Posted In Industry news Posted On Jan 19, 2016
At present, pushing Hard Teeth Face Gear machining precision and efficiency has improved technology trends include:

1.The progress of Hard Teeth Face Gear cutting tools technology.

2.Exploration for optimization design of Hard Teeth Face Gear cutting tools.

3.Hard Teeth Face Gear cutting machine more flexible, or it can be finished in a clamping more processing operations.

When Hard Teeth Face Gear manufacturers to meet strict requirements for production capacity and processing precision, the problem has become: "the future of the hard tooth face gear cutting machine tool can achieve high accuracy and repeatability?

With the progress of cutting tool coating and substrate, dry cutting is a kind of trend in Hard Teeth Face Gear processing industry continue to flourish, under the condition of without the use of cooling lubricant, improve the cutting speed, longer tool life.At present, the dry cutting has become the standard of Hard Teeth Face Gear processing technology;At the same time, the parallel axis cylinder Hard Teeth Face Gear processing is also gradually turned to dry cutting.

More surface of cutting tool coating can also improve the knives' service life.Used for processingHard Teeth Face Gear blade usually only in the top surface of coating.If the blade also adopt other surface coating, can be in the wrong blade or make any other changes process conditions to improve tool life by 50%.

Because of the hobbing machine are not allowed to automatic tool change, therefore usually adopt the same high quality hob in finishing rolling process completed rough and fine cutting, cutting tool is easy to premature wear and tear.To extend the service life of cutting tools in cutting tool design, can separate rough cutting area and fine cutting area, and optimize the wear performance of each block respectively.Because now finishing hob is no longer from the rough cutting processing can begin to wear,therefore, it is possible to increase the number of machining for several times.